Cookies Policy

This Cookie Policy was last updated on December 18, 2019.

Lefty Lucy, LLC (“us”, “we”, or “our”) uses cookies on (the “Service”). By using the Service, you consent to the use of cookies.

Our Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, how we use cookies, how third-parties we may partner with may use cookies on the Service, your choices regarding cookies and further information about cookies.

What are Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text that are stored in your web browser sent by a website that you visit. A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows the Service or a third-party to recognize you and make your next visit easier and/or the Service more useful to you.

There are several types of Cookies that can be stored on your browser while visiting our website which may include, but not be limited to:

  • Persistent Cookies
  • Session Cookies
  • Essential Cookies

How We Use Cookies

When you use and access the Service, we may place a number of cookies (files) in your web browser.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • To enable certain functions of the Service
  • To provide analytics
  • To store your preferences
  • To enable advertisements delivery (including behavioral advertising)

We use many different types of cookies to run the Service in order to make your experience more seamless as well as authenticate our users to prevent fraudulent use of user accounts.

Persistent Cookies

A persistent cookie is a data file capable of providing our website with user preferences, settings and information for future visits. Persistent cookies provide convenient and rapid access to familiar objects, which enhances the user experience (UX).

When users visit our website and set choices or preferences, persistent cookies may be used to remember these options. Persistent cookies can help isolate and identify a specific visitor and are capable of traversing a user’s path throughout the website. They are stored as text files on the hard drive of your computer and usually have expiration dates of one to two years. You are able to control the specific behavior of your computer by managing the settings in your browser.

Persistent cookies facilitate setting the following preferences:

  • Favorites or internal bookmarks
  • User authentication
  • Login details
  • Menu preferences
  • Theme selection, if applicable
  • Language preferences

Persistent cookies are also capable of providing the browsing behavior of our users and they are often referred to as “stored” or a “permanent cookie”. Do not let these names concern you as you can control how, and if cookies are stored by managing your browser settings.

Session Cookies

A fun fact is that a Webpage does not have a memory of you visiting it. Every time you return to a specific website (or webpage), you will be treated by that website as a completely new visitor unless a session cookie has been enabled on that website (or webpage). A Session Cookie will therefore keep track of your movement from page to page, and this is done so to reduce the need to ask you for the same information you may have already provided to the website or webpage.

A benefit of a Session Cookie is to allow you to navigate through many pages of a website quickly and easily without having to authenticate or reprocess each new area you visit.

We use session cookies to ensure that you are recognised when return to our website and move from page to page.

Third-party cookies

In addition to our own cookies, we may also use various third-parties cookies to report usage statistics of the Service, deliver advertisements on and through the Service, and so on.

Marketing Cookie

The purpose of a Marketing Cookie is to be able to identify you uniquely as you traverse our web experience so that we know who is visiting our website and allows us to potentially communicate with you on other third party platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

We use the Facebook Pixel which is cookie-like code placed in the web browsers of visitors on our website so that we can advertise to you again later, which is a process known as remarketing.

The Facebook Pixel is a unique identifier unique to Facebook which allows us to capture and associate your session on our website to your facebook user account and information. This is a service provided by Facebook that we use to help us understand how our advertisement programs may be working to bring awareness to the Facebook community about our Service.

What are your choices regarding cookies

If you’d like to delete cookies or instruct your web browser to delete or refuse cookies, please visit the help pages of your web browser.

Please note, however, that if you delete cookies or refuse to accept them, you might not be able to use all of the features we offer, you may not be able to store your preferences, and some of our pages might not display properly.

Where can your find more information about cookies

You can learn more about cookies and the following third-party websites:

  • AllAboutCookies:
  • Network Advertising Initiative: