Project Management - Construction Support
Seniors - Veterans - Special Needs

MISSION - 501c3

To make the connections between individuals,  organizations, and businesses within one community so that the collaborative efforts can be shared and benefit all. 


To identify individuals, families, and organizations who could use construction support. No project is too small so long as it improves the quality of life of the recipient.


A program to help the individual who has lost purpose, lacks belonging.  By becoming part of the Lefty Lucy team with personal interest fundraising efforts. 


Used as a means of marketing and spreading the word of our community. Join us for monthly contests and silent auctions of products donated by our community members.


Contributions come in many shapes and forms. Either by individuals or businesses, Lefty Lucy’s primary goal is to raise funds within the community who will see the effect of the contributions


Pre-qualified contractors who take the extra effort to provide the highest quality products and services, in a timely manner, delivered with care to a community who deserves the best.


Printing , catering , legal , social services are all essential elements required to complete our projects. Lefty Lucy will qualify and procure every aspect needed to succeed.


As we develop and work on fundraising we will be seeking services and look for you to become our partner and liaison  to support the individual and community.

See our ongoing fundraising efforts and current projects list. 

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

A personal assistant to help others manage your life while you are unable to.

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Statements of Activities

Our financial records are available upon request